Tuesday, December 30, 2008

[ENGLSIH] : 2. Past Tense

2.1 Simple Past Tense
Tense ini digunakan untuk menyatakan suatu kejadian yang terjadi pada masa lampau.

  • I went to school yesterday, but nobody was there.
  • He watched movie with his friend yesterday.
  • They joint the Halloween party last night.

2.2 Past Continuous Tense
Tense ini digunakan untuk meyatakan suatu kejadian yang sedang berlangsung/terjadi pada masa lampau. Biasanya digabungkan dengan anak kalimat berupa simple past tense atau past continuous tense itu sendiri untuk memperjelas makna kalimat.

  • I was watching TV when the phone rang.
  • He was walking on the street when I called him.
  • They were talking to each other while their teacher was teaching in front of the class.

2.3 Past Perfect Tense
2.4 Past Perfect Continuous Tense

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